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Personnel: Firefighter List


2201 Chief Ted Nitz

2202 Asst Chief Scott McKamey

2203 Captain Jeff Starbuck

2204 Captain Greg Nelson

2205 Dale Brueck {retired honorary member}

2206 Captain Josh Wisner

2212 Firefighter Duncan Gast

2221 Firefighter Jeff Gaul 

2225 Firefighter Jonathon Klette

2227 Firefighter Cody M. Shepherd

2280 Firefighter Travis Munday

2281 Firefighter Adriana Burkhard

2282 Firefighter Jason Wiedenman

2283 Firefighter Amanda 

2286 Probationary Firefighter Collin Warner

2288 Firefighter Caleb Inman

Are you are interested in becoming a Firefighter? Please call the station at 269-426-3772 and leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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