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Weesaw Township


Berrien County


Weesaw Road Quality, 2018


See how your road or street rates on Michigan’s PASER road rating system, from good to poor.

Ten-Year Weesaw Road Project Map


See the history of roadwork on your road.

Traffic Count, 2010-2018


Use the zoom and scroll bars to see the daily traffic count on your street or road.




See which roads your neighbors have chosen to maintain in the Berrien County Road Commission’s Adopt-a-Road program.


Township Crash Map, 2018


See where vehicle crashes occurred in Weesaw Township in 2015.


Backroads Bikeways


Click on individual trail maps for bicycle routes through Weesaw Township and surrounding areas. Provided by Three Oaks Spokes Bicycle Club.


Southwest Michigan Bike Map #1


Southwest Michigan Bike Map #2

Choose this map for routes in and around southwest Michigan towns and cities.

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