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FOIA Requests

Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives you the right of access to the public records of state and local governments, including Weesaw Township.

Many questions about Weesaw Township government can be answered with a simple request to the relevant public official. To contact Township officials, see the contact information on our Home and Township Administration pages.

However, if you’re seeking lots of information, if the search is complex or time consuming, if you need a number of public records, a Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) is the way to go. Note that a FOIA request may involve payment of a fee.

The following links will guide you through the FOIA process and provide you with the forms that you and Township officials will use to process your request.

An introduction to FOIA procedures and guidelines

Complete information on the FOIA process

FOIA request forms--completed by you or by a Township official

FOIA Request for Public Records

Notice to Extend Response Time for FOIA Request

Notice of Denial of FOIA Request

FOIA Appeal Form—To Appeal a Denial of Records

FOIA Appeal Form—To Appeal an Excess Fee

Freedom of Information Act Request Detailed Cost Itemization

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